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So I'm currently using a Scientific Atlanta DVR through my cable company. It sucks. As soon as Ceton comes out with the Cable Card tuners, I'm pretty sure we'll be jumping to that. So I've been doing some thinking on what I think would be the perfect setup for me with DVR management.
It's pretty simple. I'd like every recording to have 2 boolean flags. Watched, and Archived. I'd want these to be independent. Here is how this would play out in various scenarios:
TV Show - NCIS. New episodes would have Watched = False & Archived = False. After I watch it, I'd have the following option: "Mark as Watched and Archive" & "Mark as Watched and not Archive." Non-new episodes would automatically be marked as Watched = False, Archived = True.
Movies - All be marked as False/False.
I would then need to ability to bulk-edit shows. For example, At the end of a season, I realized I never watched the CSI's, so I would want to mark them all as Archive = True. These would still maintain the unwatched status. I could, instead, mark them all as Watched = True. Or I could mark them as Watched = True & Archived = True. I would maintain full control of these.
The second step would be that anything that had an archive status of True would be moved to the Home Server. Anything that was False would be moved to the Media Center. All of this would happen on a schedule, say anytime after midnight that the Media Center & WHS are relatively idle. That way, the moving would be transparent to the user.
The last piece would be how it is displayed. I think that it would make sense to have 2 options in the "recorded TV" list for displaying the content. Using those, you could choose to display Archive = False & Watched = False, or Archive = (true or false) & Watched = False, or to show them all it would be Archive = (true or false) & Watched = (true or false). Obviously the presentation of this would have to be more user-friendly, but the theory behind it would be that.

If WHS 2 was to have Media Center built-in, then this negates the whole moving of content, however I'd still want to be able to set those flags. Due to the transparency of file moving to the user, it would appear to function the same.

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cue broken record...

Sage can do this. Of course, the moving of recordings would be moot because you would probably run it on your WHS. There are default groupings for archived and unwatched.

Yeah yeah, java blah blah blah, sage ui is ugly,

If only someone would write a post on how Sage is implemented on WHS... Hmmm... :)

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