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Don W

To pfSense, or not to pfSense, that is the question...but in this thread the answer is Sophos!

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anyone still listening to this thread? a couple use cases I'd like to match up with router software...
  • I see a report that says 57 attempts were made to download malicious software. I'd like to be able to click on it and jump to a page describing the relevant details, like the client, the site hosting the software, time/date, software package in question...
  • I see a graph where for an interval there are a high or constant rate of requests, I'd like to zoom in on that time period and see what was going on then.
  • I see a graph where for an interval many packets were blocked. I'd like to be able to zoom in to that period and see the details about what was rejected during that interval
I think I can find the relevant data for some of these in one or more log files, but I have to get the date/time of the interval, figure out which log would have the necessary data, grab the relevant log file(s), filter those log files etc. Not simple...
What firewall are you running now?

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utm9. I've been wading thru the xg documentation but there is so much there...

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I have been using Nethserver on an ESXi host, and it is working very well ... am using it to run a squid proxy with a free content filtering service ... much easier than pfsense, and plenty enough features ...


Is anyone else pleased with Nethserver ?


Bill Clark Windham, VT

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