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Hi All,


First post so go easy on me :)


I have a N54L microserver and have install ESXi (Hypervisor) 5.5 on it. I know you can get differant plugins for to monitor SANs etc but is there anything to monitor the server hardware itself? I have a P212 and it would be nice to monitor/config the RAID from within the vSphere client.

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Did you use the HP image to install ESXi? It contains all sorts of drivers. You can also install the HP ESXi Offline Bundle, I followed this guide when installing on my Gen 8 which allowed me to see my P410 in the client - http://www.cosonok.com/2012/02/installing-hp-offline-bundle-for-vmware.html


You can't really do much in the client other than see the status. You can SSH into your server and run the "hpssacli" command to manage your RAID card.

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