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Anywhere Access - Remote Desktop Access not working

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Drashna Jaelre

Configure the DNS server to use the WSE server as the primary DNS server, and the pfSense box as the secondary DNS server.

This way, you will get proper DNS resolution, and failback if the server is not online.


Then configure pfSense to use OpenDNS as it's DNS provider. 

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Glad to hear you're making progress. Yep, one of the 1st basic tests when you run into an issue is to try it using some other hardware, whenever possible, to help isolate the singular cause.

^^ What he said. You don't want to bypass your router altogether: your clients go to your WSE2012, it goes to your router, your router goes to OpenDNS or your ISP or whatever DNS you want on the Internet.

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Okay, let me understand this.


1. Win8Client DNS set to WSE2012

2. WSE2012 DNS set to WSE2012 and Router

3. Router DNS to OpenDNS


Do I add OpenDNS in the DNS Forwarder on WSE2012?

Do I enable DNS Forwarder on the Router?


Also I decided to take a step back and try WSE2012 instead of leaping to WSE2012R2, to see if that makes a difference.

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Drashna Jaelre

No. Well sort of, but specifically:


  1. Win8 Client set byto use DHCP (Router)
  2. Router's DHCP server set to hand out WSE and router as DNS
  3. WSE set to use itself as DNS (this is a must, or you will break the domain basically, and no need to add OpenDNS here)
  4. WSE's DNS server configured for to Forward to use Open DNS:
    DNS Forwarder: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc754941.aspx
  5. Router set to use OpenDNS


And most consumer router's DHCP server allows you specify up to three DNS servers. Set the first one to the server (so this is the primary DNS server) and the secondary to ... well, either the router itself, or OpenDNS's IP. If you used the router, then add OpenDNS for the third. Just in case.


This will tell clients that they have 2-3 DNS servers. That the first should be the server, and lookups should be done via that. If that server fails/times out, then it hits up the second DNS server. Your router/OpenDNS. This ensures network connectivity, even if your server is down.

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Gotcha ya.


Yes, with pfSense I do have the ability of setting the DHCP service to use separate DNS servers, up to two, then what the router is set to. So, for that I have it set to the server first and then the router.


Currently going through the patching process at moment before I make the attempt to try the remote web access.


Oh, before I forget when I went into setting the DNS forwarder for the server I saw that the router IP address was already configured in there. Do I remove that or just leave it. The status for that says unresolvable.

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Yes, I am aware of that.  But it would seem that the thing that does not work is RWA RDP to client machines.  No matter what I have done so far it is not working.  Even in this last go around.  I can login into the website and see that the client is online but when I try and connect I get "can't connect...two computers couldn't connect in the amount of time allotted. I am done a nslookup of the external domain name "stanc.remotewebaccess.com" and get the correct IP address - ISP address assigned to the router.  

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Ah, so you can remote into the WSE2012 web page. In that case, have your client computers been configured to allow RDP? Have you tried to RDP into them from within your LAN?

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