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Disc not showing up


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I'm running Synology 4.3 in my n54L box that I've done the bios mod and successfully added a SansDigital box by way of a port enabled card.

I removed the optical disc I had installed and replaced it with a 3Tb drive in that bay.

Under my disc info and HDD management all my drives except the one I installed in the ood doesn't show up.

I have listed discs 1 thru 9 with number 6 disc missing.

Did I do something wrong?

How can I get this disc to show up?


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^^ What he said. If a piece of equipment doesn't seem to work in one computer, try it in another. Also, try another device of the same type that doesn't seem to work in the computer where it doesn't work. Divide the problem in half and test each half separately. Rinse & Repeat until the problem is isolated.

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