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Getting around HP limitations on a P222 controller i.e., GPT


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Microserver Gen8, ESXi setup on a 128GB Magnum USB key, nothing on the B120i, four 4TB reds in RAID 5 on a P222 SAC.


So I want to present the 10TB RAID disk as a data store for ESXi, however, the P222 controller presents itself as MBR style and ESXi won't make data stores larger than 2TB for MBR style partitions, not such a really big deal I suppose, however it seems to me there should be a way around this but I'm not certain how. I don't think there is anyway to have the P222 present the big fat logical volume to ESXi any other way than MBR.


Am I missing something or is this simply a P222 limitation?



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In Windows Server I am running large GPT partitions on P222 and other HP controllers.

I am not well versed in ESXi, here is a thread;



Indeed, Server 2012 would have no issue with the 10TB array as a single volume, ESXi actually sees the entire volume as well but reports it as an MBR style partition, when it isn't even a partition, it is a logical volume. Very odd.

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I know there were issues with older controllers like the P400, but I did not think the P222 had any of these problems;



Do you have the latest firmware on the P222 and latest BIOS on the Gen 8?


I read this KB yesterday as well. But it seems to be at issue with the P222 as well. I do have the latest BIOS and FW for the P222 yup.

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