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EX485: Changing WHS HTTPS port causes streaming media to fail


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I have an HP EX485 and I am running the version of Twonky that came with this (5.0 according to the exe props)
I had to change the SSL port to TCP 50443 as I already have something running on TCP 443 and I only have 1 external IP.

Everytime I try to access the steaming media from the WHS web site I get the following errors:

"The server did not respond in time. Make sure that the server is up and running."
"There is currently no media available to stream. For a complete description of the steps required for media streaming, please click the help button in the top right."

I changed the HTTPS port back to TCP 443 from TCP 50443 and these errors go away and I can see all of my media and stream everything.

Is there a way that I can get this to work over TCP 50443?


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Did you forward 50443 on your router?

I'm also a little puzzled. You say it works fine if you leave it on 443. Does your other service running on 443 also work? Do they both work at the saem time?

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