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HP's new rules to access Firmware & Driver downloads


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EWeek has a well written article on the roll-out of HP's new Policy HP's Sudden Firmware Update Policy Revision Shakes Customer Trust


The biggest issues are correctly highlighted:


  • The sudden nature of the announcement and the implications
  • VP McCoy's use of writers who apparently were professional political writers in Washington and/or writers for The Onion
  • McCoy's inconsistent story line


IT World wrote: HP Charges for ProLiant Firmware Updates and Gets Hell for IT

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I wonder... Perhaps HP will back peddle a bit on this one...


I didn't have to say anything at work apparently... the whole IT department already knew...


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Do HP only let you grab files that relate to products that you have registered on the site, or can you just grab what you want when you want as long as you have a valid login?

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I too recently purchased the Gen8 Microserver and loving it despite it's quirks. I found out a few days ago of this policy change and pretty much like everybody else here disappointed in HP's decision.  I don't have too many HP products other than printer line years ago.  The only two devices I have working is my 8 year old laptop with 17" screen with Linux OS installed on it.  And ProLiant Microserver Gen8


I don't expect HP to support their products forever.  It would be nice to at least get the latest firmware and drivers to keep it going on a product that is over 3 years old.  HP built it's reputation on reliability and support.  Well, guess reliability is only thing left for us non-enterprise folks.    


If HP is trying to align with enterprise products then that's fine.  Just separate the microserver line to something else that would meet the needs for both the small business and non-enterprise users.  While I am annoyed that I have to pay a license to use the advanced iLO4 features at high prices I do understand HP gotta make money somewhere.  Lucky there are ways around that, i.e. ebay.  Which is the point few folks brought up of "gray markets".  


At this point HP's view is "all or nothing" which is unfair to non-enterprise folks.  


I still have 12 months left on the warranty so probably will make sure all the firmwares and drivers are updated before it expires.  Then I will figure out what hardware I will build the next NAS. It won't be HP if they keep doing this.  What made me go with HP is the fact the microserver is to replace my aging IOMEGA EMC2 NAS sever which they quit supporting a few years ago.   I hope HP will change their minds.

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Something I pointed out on Spiceworks to the HP team is that if HP takes away free firmware updates, what's the next thing they'll take away from us on short notice?


Customer trust is huge.  Take LogMeIn as a good parallel example here.  Many of us used LogMeIn Free to remotely access a box or two for our relatives for troubleshooting.  I didn't necessarily expect that free product to last forever --however, the way they suddenly announced the free service would be going away, giving almost no time for planning on the part of people using it soured everyone.  Many people who would have been willing to pay for the service were now upset enough to find another competing vendor and pay for their services instead --especially because LogMeIn has other free services, or pricing models, and what might they change next with those?


If HP charges for firmware updates (something that Dell does not do, be it for servers or switches, even ones that are beyond obsolete), what's the next thing HP will abruptly decide to charge us for with little notice?  And with that idea comes a serious erosion of customer trust.

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The new rule is only for Proliant servers and it sounds like you can only download for what you have on contract or warranty.


Are you sure it isn't for ProCurve switches, too?


Imagine inheriting a network (like I did, for my new job) where the previous person-in-charge didn't update any switch code.

Then imagine you need to do this as good practice (I mean, there have been five? six? more? updates since the early release) and to ensure you fix some bugs, be it for your VoIP network, or the access points on your Wireless VLAN, or because PoE wasn't as well regulated in previous versions.


Then imagine you find your switches are all HP ProCurve models and support contracts weren't maintained.  If this is true --ouch.


EDIT:  Yes, it's true.  I bet that means the lovely little HP Managed Switch for the ProLiant Microserver requires a CarePack too.  At this point, very glad I don't have HP switches, even though they're supposed to be relatively decent.

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Cisco do the same thing tbh, its nothing new.

For home users they can still use the normal download, it only appears to be for enterprise kit.

We've got carepacks at work so it doesnt bother me eitherway as I'm not paying for it... :D

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