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What hardware to choose?


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I have been looking at the Synology DiskStation DS413j, DS412+ and DS414. If I want to run crashplan on the server it seems like the DS412+ is the only one that is complatible? But It is also vary expensive (532 EUR here in Sweden).


There is a sale right now in the HP PROLIANT N54L for about 158 EUR with a 250 GB drive.


Then we got a home built server that looks like this : 


Fractal Design Node 304
Intel Pentium G3220 3,0Ghz Socket 1150 
ASRock E3C226D2I
Crucial DDR3 PC12800/1600MHz ECC Reg CL11 4GB DDR3-minnen
XFX Core Edition P1-550S-XXB9 550W
This is a ECC built so it should work fine with the Free NAS software. Total pris is 447 EUR.
So the question is what will fit my needs best?
This is what I need : 
  • 1 large volume
  • Easy to switch HD if one is out without losing data. Maybe raid 5 is the best raid to choose but this will demand raid card and in the N54l that means HP ISS P410/256 Smart Array Controlle for about 213 EUR extra. I think that the DS412+ suports Raid 5 out of the box.
  • Run CrashPlan direcly from the NAS
  • Supply network of 4 computers (Windows 7/8)
  • At least one HD streaming to XBMC
  • At least 4 harddrives (2TBx4 = 8 TB)

What would be the best way to go?

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Take a look at running Xpenology on the N54L: http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1126


Thanks, If I understand it correcly, that is the Synology ported OS? It is not official and there is parts of it that do not work fully? Im looking for a stable solution, would Xpenlogy be totaly stable?


How about the hardware? N54L do not support Raid 5, right?

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