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Odd, but positive news.


As I mention in another thread, my WD Black array when pearshaped and a disc is faulty. As result bought 2x3TB WD Reds to consolidate my files to and passthru shared this to one of my VM's so it could be shared data within a domain..


While mounting these I experimented abit with where to put the SSD. Tried the ODD cable and some other things... no luck with the SSD, the system got unstable when putting it from Bay 1 to ODD and it seemed like the fans where going as mad they used to (51%) .. I got tired and left all on the floor and when I came home and it suddenly runs at 6-10% ...


scratching my head for reason for this:


- an icybox without hard was not re-inserted, bay 4 was open.

- ab icybox with SSD was remounted with better fit for connectors

- Adding the two WD Reds lowered the average harddisk temp?

- ILO takes time to lower its fan? like average over time ..


It's ofcourse happy news, but anyone else experience this ? going from SSD only in bay one with 50% fan to three bays used (1-3) and 6% and speed. ?

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If I read your post correctly, you now have the SSD on the ODD port and 2 WD Reds in the 4-bay cage. If so, I suspect the Reds are responsible for the lower fan speeds, in that they're giving correct sensor readings to the iLO. What do you think?

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not correct. I tried SSD on ODD (without changing any bios) and it was unstable when it much to my surprise bootet.


I moved it back so the layout is:


Bay 1 : SSD Corsair Neutron in Icybox

Bay 2 : WD Red 3TB

Bay 3 : WD Red 3 TB

Bay 4 : Empty / open


Controller: built in b120i


After messing around it complained about it couldn't find the SSD in bay one and I refitted them in the icybox and it came alive. However, just after it came alive it was noise as expected around 45% .. after a day at work it was 6%


I also think the WD Reds gave a better 'world view' to the bios .. because there is no 'per disc sensor'.



Anyways, its really happy trouble! I just thought I'd post the finding.

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I suspect you're right adsboel: the WD Reds are making the difference.


Have you tried shutting down and rebooting yet, to see if the fan speed stays at 6%: i.e. to find out what the boot from cold start behaviour is?

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Some images for anyone researching this problem:


Please note that these temps are after putting the Gen8 back in a closed cupboard with a N36L running additional 5 discs.. abit of heat is in the cupboard.








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Hmm, interesting. You got down to 8%, I've got lower temps than you across all sensors but am getting 24%.

I suspect it's due to the P222.

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The lowest idle reading I've got was 4% (at nighttime but still inside an urban office, not a meat locker), with Gen8 standing on the top of a credenza & everything in their defaults--RAID mode of course but pretty sure all 5 drives were fired up including a 2.5" 12.5mm disk in the ODD space.


Then a software change resulting in driver incompatibilities caused me to reconfig in BIOS for AHCI which put the idle fan speed in the mid-to-high 30%s.

Incidentally flashing the semi-official November 2013 firmware seems to have pulled that in to around 19%

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