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It's easy to get started in The Home Server Show Forums but here are some tips.

Edit your profile. Nobody likes to talk to a "shadow" so upload a photo! It doesn't have to be your face, anything that represents you. Keep it clean though!
In the forum use the dropdown arrow by your name. Click My Profile.  This is how you will be seen on the board. Click the Edit My Profile button to get started.
Change your photo!   Change your time zone!
Share what you want on the rest of the page.  If you click the "Edit My About Me" page you can put details about yourself for others to see.  
The rest of the links on the left under My Settings can really customize your time on the forums.  Make some changes and see what happens!
If you would like to display a name other than your login you can do that here as well.  It might look nicer that way and hides your login name so others won't be tempted to use it!
The "Notification Options" tab is HUGE! Go through it.  The board can let you know when certain things happen and that improves your conversations and timeliness.  
When you create a post or post in an existing topic you can choose to follow the topic.  That way you will get an e-mail when anyone else posts in the topic.  Again, notifications in your profile controls all of this.
Enjoy and if you have a question please don't hesitate to ask.  This is a powerful forum software that I've been maintaining for several years and I still find new settings here and there!
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