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Building a 4x4Tb RAID5 system with an N54L


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Hi All, first post after a fair bit of reading.


I've purcashed an N54L, added 2Gb of RAM (ebay £20), flashed the modified BIOS - and getting ready to build a 4x4Tb RAID5 system.  I'll also need to add USB3.0 and something to put in the drive bay to house the O/S drive.


Before I fully commit to this solution, I'd like to find out if anyone else has tried the same thing.


I plan to purchase:

"HP Smart Array P212 ZM" (new £120).  Plan to use the external port for more storage later. Much later.

"462968-B21-HPQ 256MB P-SERIES CACHE UPG" (ebay USA, $36).  P212 does not do RAID5 without this.

4x 4Tb disks (new £££) in RAID5.  I need space and redundency.  Speed is not important on this machine.


My main questions are:


Has anyone got the P212 with the cache upgrade and RAID5?

- which windows server o/s?

- which drivers and management software?


Which 4Tb disks?

- WD reds?


- anyone experienced good / bad things with either?


Drive bay. 

- I plan to mount a 2.5 SSD just for O/S (connected to sata port next to CMOS battery)

- has anyone seen something with USB 3.0 and 2.5 drive housing?

- can anyone recommend a PCI-E USB 3.0 card with internal headers?



Look forward to hearing any comments.  Thanks!






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I'm using Seagate NAS drives and, after a small RMA issue, have 10.9TB with raid 5 on an m1015 with advance key.


I'm using this VD as my media storage and currently have tested the network with three computers streaming separate 720p rips with zero frame drops.


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Thanks for all the information. 


Still waiting for the RAID memory to turn up from the states.  While I wait (and save for the HD's!), I've been playing with a Zotac GT630 (passive) GFX card.  Very impressive results out of the N54L.  Full HD AV from XBMC and MPC-HC.  Initial test with an HEVC encoded movie indicates that the CPU isn't up to the job.


I'm still undecided on which HD's to purchase.  I'm torn between WD reds and some "new" Hitatchi drives (S03665 Deskstar NAS, 7200rpm, 64MB).


Meanwhile ... I've managed to find half a solution to my front panel HD adapter with USB3.0.



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Finally managed to buy and install the HP 212 ZM and 256 mb upgrade for it.  Now getting ready to buy disks.


I've got 3x 500gb "spares" that I was going to do some testing with, they're not being picked up by the HP raid card - only the 250gb one that came with the box.


I haven't done any reading or further research, I've come here ... can one of you kind souls tell me if I must use HP disks???




The ones listed here? Page 12




(please ... no .....)

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