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N36L - ACPI Bios booting issues


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Hi All


Iv been reading for a long time but today have become completely stuck and hope someone can help.


I had a n36l set up as a spare running happily with 1gb of ram in it, purely as a network drive more than anything.


Iv purchased 2x 4Gb DDR3 Non Ecc ram and popped them in, as the windows logo loaded up it died, and tried to reboot into windows recovery.


It then blue screened with the following error:


"Stop 0x000000A5 the ACPI BIOS in the system is not fully compliant with the ACPI specification" 


Iv reinstalled Windows 7, to no effect, 

Iv updated the bios to the modded bios, again not done anything


Its a completely clean install, and will book first time, as soon as its restarted it just loops around and around and wont go any further.


Does anyone have any suggestions?



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1st rule of troubleshooting: what has been changed recently. Like schoondoggy says, sounds like you have RAM problems. Put the original RAM back in and see if the problem goes away.

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Hi guys


I put the old ram back in and it works fine,


Iv put ram from the other server (n40l) in and it comes up with the same error.


Which led me to believe it might not be the ram...

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From the experience of forum members we know that the N36L and N40L were much pickier about RAM than the N54L. Check the forum threads for RAM specifically found to be compatible with the N36L. BTW, it's often better to use Bing or google with the 'site' option to find stuff on the HSS forums, because the IP Board's Search function is pretty bad.

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