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Hardware for 2012 E R2

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If cost was not a consideration what hardware would you use to build a new server.

The server would be used for backup, obviously.

The server would be used as a file server for 4 IP Cameras ( NFT NAS)

The server would be used as a media server.

I would want to have the ability for a  couple of VM's running.


I am presently running 2012 E on a machine that started with Home Server V1 then 2011.


I would be doing the "SkipDomainJoin" thing not that should make a difference.





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You guys don't know when your on a good thing!.  Try booting into a non UEFI again board then you can complain. However I do agree that the ASUS UEFI is too "busy" and reminds me of Disneyland. I was

I have added a signature with my new server specs.   DrivePool still on trial so I need to buy another license. Must make sure Covecube can keep paying Drashna.   Scanner transferred from old  ser

Hi neighbour. I used to do what you do and stick all the old stuff in the Server and never really had a problem. But this time last year I moved to 2012E.

I run a system based on a Core i5 3550 on the Z77 chipset mainly for the types of roles you are contemplating.

It's snappy but prob overkill although I do use it for ripping and trans-coding too on occasion. I have just 8Gb of RAM and running a Raid5 etc.

I am happy.

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I have this configuration and have been pleased. 85 watts with 9 drives and a blu ray drive.


Core I5 – 4570S

Asus Z87M-Plus

16 Gigs of DDR3

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I think I would build or buy a XEON based system, 16GB.


As a media server, will it be playing media itself or just serving it out to other devices?

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Only ever used i3,i5 or i7, Xeon is a whole new game. After a bit of research looks like Xeon E3-1230 V3 very popular.


If so need a whole new take on MB's.  What about ASUS P9D-X?


I have been using Serviio on my 2012 for streaming to 3 Sony Bravia TV's

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Hi neighbour.




Have seen you and Andrew on the Average Guy's podcast.  Strange to hear the Aussie accents on the show.


I think I would like to try a server build with a Xeon CPU for a change.

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Poppapete, I noticed you are using Serviio. They once had a plug-in for V1 and I think 2011. But now they just list a Windows version. Is that what you are using on 2012E?

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I tend to favor supermicro boards for my server builds, but then I'm using them inside supermicro rack-mount cases, so they work pretty well like that.  I have used both i3 and Xeon processors with those boards.  My most recent build was a Xeon V3 with an X10SLH-F-O.  Server boards like that are pretty nice, especially with the onboard IPMI, saves my messing with a keyboard, monitor, or DVD's/USB drive.


Ignoring cost I think I would do a similar build.  If I was being a bit more cost-conscious, I'd probably go for an i3 or i5 build similar to pcdoc's.

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