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Dave asks "What would you change in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials?"

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Timekills & Drashna - The key\activation or the software still works?  


My technet is still active however expires in sept.  When mine expires\no longer activates I will have to go back to WHS V1 as that's my only valid licence after technet goes away... very :(.  I certainly will not fork out $500 for a new licence for 2012E R2, let alone MSDN fees (whole other thread\discussion).   I'm also assuming WHS V1 will still activate (non-technet licence)....


Sorry for hijacking this thread

Spend $40 and go legal.


Yeah. WHSv1 isn't your only option: WHS2011 is certainly viable and can be licenced legit.

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I'm not paying $500 to run a Domain Controller at home.  I know what it does and how to leverage it.  I guess I'm getting too old to worry with some of this "stuff" right now  ( as I sit here and try

Drashna Jaelre

Yes, WHSv1 should still activate for a few years. 
But if money is the issue, $40-50 for WHS2011 is your best bet then.



And key vs software? Same thing. All the software requires a LICENSE KEY to work. So it's dependent on that.

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