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Another Bare Metal Restore Success with WHS2011


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Just wanted to report another success story with a Bare Metal Restore Success using WHS2011


I had Win8.1 running on a MicroServer with 2 WD 150G VelociRaptor's in HW RAID0 for the OS drive.  I needed those VR's for a future project and wanted to replace the 2 VR's with 2 VB0250EAVER's also in RAID0 for my OS drive for the added performance.


After a backup had been performed by WHS2011 of the Win8.1 I shut it down, replaced the OS Drives and set them in RAID0 with the System Board HW controller and started the restore process with a flash created from WHS2011 -- less than a hour later it was all done and running great.


While performance wise, if measured with ATTO or CDM, it is slower with the two VB0250EAVER's versus the two WD1500HLHX for all practical purposes it's not making any difference.


Loving my WHS2011!

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Still got to be about the best BMR backup tool available. What I really love is that any updates you've done are still there, and don't have to be redone, and all your programs are still installed and configured. What a time saver! :)

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