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Backup for my family


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 ive been a happy  user of Crashplan family plan which is coming to an end im thinking of going with the one pc plan to save a bit of money


now my wife is getting by doing most of her things on her ipad and iphone now and not using her laptop as much only when i turn it on to get her icloud backup going


i do things on my PC all my documents are stored on my homeserver 2011 so thats ok  i use icloud on my pc to backup my iphone photos to my pc

which then goes to crashplan and DrivePop


My daughter has a ipad and iphone too


so thats 3 Icloud accounts in my home


now my question is this can i install icloud on my server to backup all 3 icloud accounts under 3 usernames so it would be easer task to setup crasplan and drivepop to do my backups then

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