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WS2012 R2 Motherboard for Xeon E3-1230 V2 Ivy Bridge


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Thank you for your advice and I will make sure the Bios 2.0a is installed if I decide to buy this MOBO

Sorry for take too long to post my advance.

Well I Install R2 from the dvd on  X9SCM-F-O mobo, Install Hyper-V on it I don’t use IPMI, my installation was regular installation, no issues with drivers.

I play with Hyper-V but I don’t like the way it works, one of the issues is the USB ports don’t work with Hyper-V

I try running some streaming server on Hyper-V but my network devices was not able to see my streaming servers,  probably because I don’t correctly set my virtual NIC cards.


I try VMware vSphere, running from USB memory, No issues on the Installation, I install WinXP – Win7- Server 2012 R2 on Vms without any problem

I have issues to run media servers on Hyper V – I’m not good to setup Virtual NIC cards.

Not able to run Sam Broadcaster on VM

By the end I’m running Win7 Pro and VMWare workstation, running remote potato and Plex on the host, and Server 2012, XP and Win7 with Sam Broadcaster on VMWare workstation, I just add one video and audio card.

This MOBO has a lot of features, I’m sure  peoples with more experience can do a lot with this.

Is excellent MOBO  if you are looking to set your virtual lab, and learn about Virtual machines.

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I have been able to install Hyper-V 2012 R2 on my X9SCM-F-O board with a Xeon processor.  Usually I load CD's through the java app that connects to the console, but ever since I upgraded the BIOS and firmware, I haven't been able to get that to work.  In the web pages for the IPMI configuration, there is a way to mount an ISO file via a network share, so I ended up having to do that in order to install Windows.


I installed the free 2012R2 Hyper-V standalone server on my box, don't have access to any 'production' versions of server 2012 to install them.  So far it works fine for me, I have a Linux guest and a server 2012 guest running.  My hard drive configuration leaves some speed to be desired I think, but that's a function of how I set it up, not so much the motherboard or CPU.  I have a RAID card installed that handles the data drives, since there are only 2 6GB/s ports on that motherboard.


Can you tell us what RAID card are you using?

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Can you tell us what RAID card are you using?


I have an LSI 9211-4i in that computer.  I flashed it with IT firmware, so it's really just an HBA.


I also have an LSI 9240-8i in the same model of motherboard in a different case.  Both computers have worked quite well for me, though I don't seem to be able to get the 9240 card to recognize the backplane for the hot-swap bays correctly and interact with it.  I haven't tried with the 9211.  Both cards function only as HBA's, I haven't really played with setting up RAID on either card, just rely on various OS mechanisms to provide that.  I had openindiana on the computer with the 9240 for a while, running ZFS and iSCSI target, but I got tired of the messing I had to do in order to maintain it, so I gave up and just put WHS or Server Essentials directly on that box instead (I forget which I was using at the time).

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