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RAID is not able to be configured. BIOS settings won't stay set.


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I have an N40L, and have had it running ESXi without an issue.

I am aware of the fact that VMWARE will not utilise the onboard RAID, so that is not my issue.

I am now looking to have Windows 2012 HyperV installed, and I assume that will utilise the onboard RAID.

I have loaded the MOD'd BIOS, which seems to work well, and this is the currently installed BIOS.


My Problem:

I go into the BIOS, and configure the Disk Mode to RAID, but I never see the opportunity to invoke <control>+F to configure the RAID once the server is rebooted. I return to the BIOS after a reboot, and it is still configured for RAID, but it looks like it is ignored.


I still have the USB stick installed for ESXi, and have not removed this in any of my testing. Easy thing to do, so that will be something that I will try.



The MOD'd bios will not stop me from utilising the onboard RAID.

I should be able to utilise the USB stick in the system still.


Has anybody had a similar issue ?


Thanks in Advance.

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For my raid card it saw the drives but not an array until I configured a virtual drive. Should be a one button prompt to enter the raid controller for your hp. My external needed two buttons (crtl+h)


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