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Bought a Synology DS214+ Impressions


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I came from an old HP EX485 MediaSmart server, and this is a sea change of difference.  It truly is a generation or two ahead of the old WHS product line. It's basically silent, small, throws no heat, uses little power, and the configuration UI (DSM) in the web browser is fantastic.  Truly like using a desktop OS in a browser window. 


I put DS Video on it and stream to my Roku using the DS Video "Channel" and it works great, aside from a few videos I encoded improperly.  I use a Mac and encode with Handbrake, using the Normal and High Profile settings, and one of them works fine, although off the top of my head I don't recall which.  


Initial setup and config was fast and dead simple.  Slide in some drives and that's about it. 


The next thing I need to do is get Crashplan client installed which I have found requires a slightly hackish workaround using a Java client which is unsupported but seems to be generally workable by the Synology community. 


The only thing I've found that seems like maybe a step back from WHS is the external drive backups of the Synology system itself seem to be a full backup which overwrites the last full backup.  On WHS it was an incremental from the last backup. 


Overall I'm really happy with it.

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I’m using the Synology DS214 --   good for file server backup and stream some videos, nothing else.

Right now I’m in the proses to move to WS2012 R2, more features and Virtual machines.

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