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HP P222 Low Profile Mounting Bracket


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Only one place I was able to get the low profile mounting bracket, because I had to get one.  The P212 bracket will work, so I bought that (I couldn't find the P222 bracket.  Note, the HP Part number for the P212 bracket is 392510-003.


I went through ETI Express in Arizona; it appears they are on backorder for the moment, but you could call them.




Note:  In my case, I found that the screws did not want to thread more than partway through the bracket, because the threaded holes taper.  I had to dremel the taper off the bracket for them to work.  Sadly in my case, I found out through one screw that broke off inside one of the mounting holes, so I can only use one screw with the bracket.

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Interesting - I bought mine and it came with the low profile bracket in the box.


Some people are getting them as server pulls.


Mine came in an HP box, but it had appeared opened previously, and cache/capacitor was not included.  I didn't care; I saved $100-150.

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I cant remember if the holes are in the same place on a P222 and a P420, but I think this and a Dremel tool should work;


I bought one of these for 5 off of ebay and a little dremaling later have a perfect bracket

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