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Podcast 93, what do you think ?


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Hi Guys,
This week we gave WHS version 1 a little more love since the buzz on Vail has died down.

Cloudberry has a new update.

Tranquil is giving us more info on their online backup.

Big surprise from HP on there new X310 server for small businesses.

So, what do you think ?


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HP dumbed down the X510 to give us the X310. The case is of cheaper quality and they are giving Acer H342 soon to come out some competition with the Item Atom. Tranquil is also using the Intel Atom D510, but their box have 5 drives.

What do you think about the X310 would you buy one ?

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Here is some details on the enclosure I mentioned on the podcast,
MB982SPR (RAID Edition)

Heavy duty Screw-less Dual 2.5" to 3.5" SATA/SAS/SSD HDD Converter with Built-in RAID
* Converts 2 x 2.5" SATA / SAS / SSD to a 3.5" SATA hard drive,
for 3.5" SATA drive bay usage

* Made in solid metal for heavy duty applications

* Screw-Less design allow easy access to drives

* Airflow vents for heat dissipation with anti-vibration design

* Universal mounting holes for most common PC and Mac cases

* Screw-less design for quick & easy installation

* Perfect for System Integrators and IT Professionals

* Built-in RAID 0, 1 & JBOD (port multiplier required)

* Support SATA 6Gbps


Roland, and news on this ?

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RE: x310 - My first thought is that the dual-core atom could be the sweet spot for typical home users - decent power and low wattage. I'd be interested in a home version of this for my daughter who'd mainly use it to back up photos/music/PC's and stream media. But the price would have to be lower for me. Owning the EX495, I have to say I really like the form of the thing.

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it kind of reminds me of when Lenova came out with their Acer H340 clone and are charging $100 more. HP released the price as $549, I hope Acer's new H342 that's supposed to have the D510 chip, come out with a price of $100 less.

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It would be great if Microsoft here in Seattle Area would allow us Home server Guy's / Girls on the new Stores that they have opening like in BELLEVUE WA and do the same In Chicago and All other Big Cities. Apple Stores here WE ARE I AM the SERVER be Prepaired to BE SERVER. Hey where links for Shirts, Hats and Bling :)

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Hey! I really enjoyed this podcast! I am happy that you gave love to use home builders and WHS version one. I have set up a test box for Vail... and hope to have some posts on it soon.

I enjoyed you guys talking about Cloud Storage too... thanks again for the mention of my review of CloudBerry 1.5...

Yeah that Asus solution needs a lot of work. I truly hope we could have a great solution to backing up WHS to the cloud.

CloudBerry works well imho... though you do have to pay for the app. $29.99... and the cost of S3... but I have been using it mainly as backup in the event of a catastrophic event. So for instance this month I backed up 37GB of data and was only charged $2.73. If you are downloading and uploading a lot of data... then the price will obviously increase... but with their new R3 pricing plan it goes down to $0.10/GB of storage.

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Great job as always guys. With all the talk on cloud, what about keepvault? The perfect applicance. Easy, simple, cheap, and no errors.

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