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SSD life span


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Some interesting information;



It will be interesting to analyze their testing process. I have had SSD vendors tell me that certain database applications can wear out a SSD in less than 3 years.


Another view;


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Both are great articles helping put the lifespan of SSD's into more perspective IMHO.


I've only had one SSD fail on me, a 60G Corsair, but Corsair's warranty was very good and even after a year and a half they replaced it with out a problem.


So, I'm liking the article Hardware.Info tests lifespan of Samsung SSD 840 250GB TLC SSD [updated with final conclusion] and now with prices finally starting to come down things are looking up!

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Do we know of any differences in  SSD life based on manufacturers/ controllers ect.   


Stabile bit scanner is reporting problems with the SSD in my Home Server -   Contacted Covecube support ( Drashna) and he cautioned that the drive is destined to failed soon.


A Crucial C300 -  128 gig   -  Just a couple of months past its three year warranty :(


This drive was a hand me down from the my main system.


I have a system image and have already cloned the drive to a spare mechanical drive.   


but going forward, what SSD's  have the best reliability/life -  even if at the expense of performance or price premium


In addition to  Joe_Miner's link  about Samsung SSD -   I have seen good reports on Intel's products in this area.



I've attached  the SS scanner report -  





Crucial SSD Smart Warning.jpg

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Sammy 840pro in my server, setup with a chunk of empty space done with magician, latest firmware,been ok so far...

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My old OCZ failed me twice (even the replacement). but that was a faulty product line i discovered later.

I don't expect that from my newer Samsung ssd s.


snt frm n7

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Did I made a mistake when I migrated WHS2011 to an SSD?


In the past week, the reallocated sectors count has alarmingly increased from 0 to 3. Intuition dictates it isn't normal. So, is the drive defective or is WHS2011 somehow doing something that's accelerating wear on SSDs?


I should mention that the Intel SSD Toolbox still reports 100% on both Drive Health and Estimated Life Remaining. Power-On time for this drive is a measly 47 days.







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Did you set it up with a load of unallocated space when you installed, I've got a chunk of unused on mine that the Samsung magician software did, as long as the drive knows the errors are occuring and reallocates those bad blocks out to the unused space you'll be fine.

Thats 3 in 4 days though which might not bode well, time to setup, check, check check those backups just in case...

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