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Multiple Static IP Address from ISP


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2 things I can think of right off the bat jem101:

  1. a DMZ server that acts as a go-between the Internet and your internal network. This would allow you to set up things like a photo sharing server, email server, perhaps even a dB server that are publicly accessible but still protected;
  2. have a WAN facing web server.



All true enough, but I don't get the impression that the OP is in the business of setting anything like this up - I could be wrong of course (it does happen occasionally ;) ).



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I also have a couple of computers that are used to communicate over HAM radio using a system called IRLP irlp.net but with that system you can absolutely have only one of them on a given network so to bypass that I have several IP's that I can use to simulate it.  Since they run on Linux I am also able to host websites and run mysql for a fully featured php based lookup system that has the names and address of every licensed ham operator in the country.

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