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Build and Migrate - Advice Needed


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Hi all,


A few years back I purchased a HP Mediasmart EX495.  I have gradually expanded the drives to the point where I connected up an external set of drives via e-sata.  As my media collection grows, I have now reached the point of 6 2TB drives being filled, and want to build a new server and migrate the data to the newly built server.  So my questions are twofold, the first being I have some left over bits and pieces that I would like to base the build on, and two, how do I then migrate the data?


The hardware I have to make the build (does not have to be these things, if not powerful enough please advise):


Case: Antec NSK-1300

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H

CPU: Unidentified am2 something (no marks on cpu so have no idea!)

CPU fan: Stock AMD fan

Power: Antec AR-350

RAM: Happy to buy some more, how much does a server build warrant?


Plan is to buy a ssd for the OS (size?), and 4 4TB drives to house the data (in the external case connected via e-sata).


Which OS to use?


Once built, what will be the simplest way to move the 12TB of data off the ex495 and on to the new build (keeping in mind the same external casing will be used for existing and new build)?


Appreciate any advice,



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Well, if you're used to WHSv1, then I'd definitely recommend WHS2011. You can find it for around $50 reliably. Which is a steal. And then if you need/want drive pooling like Drive Extender, then StableBIt DrivePool or Drive Bender would be your best options. And heck, migrating from v1 to these is rather simple.


As for the system, it may be a bit on the low end (you can chance the CPU in BIOS, I believe, but it's phenom or athlon 64 FX/X2, as that's what the board supports).

For RAM, if you do go WHS2011, it's max is 8GB, which the board more than supports (16 max). But 4GBs will cover you pretty well.


The only thing I'd recommend is an aftermarket heatsink. The stock ones can be horrible, especially AMD's (IMO). Cooler is better.


If you do go the StableBit DrivePool method:


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Since your going to buy a 4TB drive, put that into a USB enclosure (formatted GPT) then connect it to the EX495 and add it as a backup drive not a pool drive. Don't format it using the WHS gui because it will format to MBR with a 2TB partition. Then from the Computer & Backup tab in the Console backup as many shares that will fit on the drive. Then put that drive into the new server, create the Shared Folders  and then use Explorer to move the WHSv1 Shared Folders content ( they will be in a folders with a date) to the new WHS2011 Shared Folders. Repeat with an other 4TB drive.

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