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Changing RAID 1 setup to maximise total HDD capacity


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Hi All


Apologies in advance as I have taken a look at the forums and am a bit confused. I currently have a 213 with 2x3tb drives in a raid 1 shr config. I wish to fully utilise the entire hard drive space i.e. 6tb. 

On a previous post it was advised that i power down the nas and remove one disk, power it back on resulting in a degraded volume. i then powered it off again and back on but I am unable to create a new volume.

Can anyone advise on how i can change from current raid 1 setup to what I assume is jbod? I have upgraded to dsm 4.3.

thanks and sorry if this setup has already been communicated on the forum i am truly in need of an idioits guide

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I don't have a Synology but I do have a QNAP NAS that I have been messing with.  On my QNAP I have to go into the Admin console to storage manager for my HDD's.  In there (if I have the drives mirrored) I have to tell the system to remove a drive.  I believe this then removed the Raid1 configuration.


By simply removing one of the drives in the Raid1 configuration the system just thinks one of the mirrored drives has failed or is missing.  As soon as you put a drive back in it will try and resume with the mirror.

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