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My name is Dewayne. I am an estimator for an electrical contractor who just happens to be the IT guys as well. Only because I know more about it than anyone else. 

There are 5 of us in the office and we all share a file server, consisting of a consumer home built PC running Windows XP. It recently crashed and we are ready for something more secure. 

I ran a FreeNAS box for a while in the past, but didn't feel comfortable with it and need a SQL server running. 

The server will host all of our shared documents, a shared location for our MDB based estimating software and an installation of SQL Server 2008 r2 for the bookkeeping software. It is all temporarily running on a home built Win 7 machine. 

I would like the ability for each client PC to be able to do remote backups from their workstations. 


I think I know what I need but would entertain possible problems I might face. 



N54L microserver

512gb Vertex 4 for Documents, WHS and SQL. Want fastest access possible. Drive is already on hand.

Four 2TB WD red drives in array for backups

8gb mem kit KVR133DE9SK/8G which I believe is ECC 

HP P410/512 for raid 5 array for 2TB drives (if necessary). I am not sure if I need this. It may be handled through WHS drivepool or drivebender. 

Remote access card. I hope I will be able to connect directly to the second NIC in my workstation?

If I don't need the raid card, I will look at adding a USB 3.0 card. 

External eSATA ANKER hard drive docking station for external backups. I use for daily alternated backups. 

Considering a Dropbox account backup strategy if it exists. 

Wondering if I should consider NIC teaming?


Thanks in advance for any comments. 


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