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Backup failure - re-install


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It has been quite a while since i have been on here, but I wonder if one of you generous guys, could help me out.


My backup service fails to start.  I have tried the database cleanup and repair, but it hasnt worked.


I am thinking that i may need to do a whs re-install, but have forgotten the process.


I am sure there will be a post on here somewhere that talks through it, but i cannot find it.


Could someone give me a hint or a quick guide to re-install that will not cause me to lose any data.


Many thanks



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Well if it's just the database that is the issue, and you don't mind losing all of your backups....



Stop the "Windows Home Server Computer Backup" sevice, and then delete the "D:\folders\{00008086-058D-AB57-A7F909A47AB4}" folder. Start the service backup, and see if that fixes the issue.



That, or it depends if this was home built or OEM. If it's home built, you're going to need to dig up the install disk, Insert it into the server, and boot from it. It should give you a "Server Reinstall" option.

If it's an OEM system, insert the disk into a client machine, run the software and follow instructions. You want the Server Recovery option.


Note that "Server Installation" or "Factory Reset" formats ALL the disks in the system and will destroy everything.

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Thanks Guys


Stopping the service and deleting the D/Folders optin seem to have worked.  A new back up is underway now.


Much appreciated

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Good call John. It's been too long since I stopped using WHSv1. I mean, I had to load up a VM of it because I wasn't sure of the folder path...  And then I suddenly really missed v1!

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