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Hello, I am after a bit of advice please.


I have just ordered a new server and wish to do the following, is this possible/recommend?


I would like to install ESX on the main HDD to run a number of different VM's, installing these on 2 Western Digital Green disks, but one one of these VM's, run FreeNAS using 2 WD Reds for the home shares etc


What do you reckon? Would this work OK?


Thanks in advance



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My only comment is to be careful with how many VMs you have running on those green drives.  I never figured out my problems exactly (I just worked around them), but when I was using esxi with linux VMs, I had lots of problems. My drives were greens at first.  My linux VMs would lose their drives (errors that only reboots and disk checks could fix). I did not have this issue with Windows VMs running allongside. I narrowed the issue down to my drives not having enough I/O capacity to satisfy linux.  I had to change some parameters to allow for more wait time when accessing the drives.  I even added a black drive to the configuration.  That helped only a little.


All of these problems went away when I switched to Hyper-V Server instead of ESXi.  That was using the exact same hardware and VMs.


Those are my anecdotes.  Take them as such.

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Thanks for the response, I'll be mainly running MS O/S's on the green, probably not up all of the time, just playing really to get up to speed with virtualisation etc. I just like the idea of FreeNAS in a VM to save on hardware so thought it would be a cool idea. I also subscribe to Private Internet Access and just found out that they do a server build based on Debian so may have that running also as a gateway (VPN) for all network devices that I need to run through it, Apple TV etc

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