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2 Home Servers vs Adding another External enclosure?

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I think it would depend on what kind of and how much data you have.


I have been thinking of running 1 server just for backups and apps/iso storage ( stuff that you don't access that much) just set it to wakeup back everybody up and go back to sleep and have the 2nd server for just the movies/music/photos.

With (3) 4 tb drives and maybe a 1tb ssd for the system that's a lot of media in a server..


I could see having 3 servers, 1 just for movies 1 for music/photos 1 for apps and iso's.


Like I say, just depends on what your data is like, but I don't like the idea of external drives and pools. Some have no problems with externals at all. Just not for me.

Good Luck

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Server connects direct to the router (WD N750) which connects direct to a 16 port switch - all other connections are to the same switch also.  Would it be better to have ALL connections in the switch itself - with only the internet connection running back to the router?  I can try swapping out cables...but I have every port used - so how does one test a cable?


DO NOT connect anything to the router except for the switch.  All wired devices should then be connected to the switch.  I'll bet you will see an improvement.  Most commercial routers suck at being good switches.

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