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Installing PicoPSU in Microserver Gen8 (including power usage)


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Did anybody got  after this idea with a more robust unit, like for not so green 150W version? 

The extra space for 2.5 is intriguing ..



Sorry to revive such an old tread !!

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if it is possible to extend the number of hdd-drives (or ssd-drives) by putting yet 4 more 2,5" drives aloingside with another 4x 2.5"  within smd rev4  bracket....this way adding 8x   2.5" drives.....plus 4x   3,5" drives in the front.


to be more clear.....3 sets of 4 drives...in totaal 12 drives for only storage -:).....plus bootable os-driver on 5th sata-port (odd-port)


but the question is: is 160watt power supply enough for this setup? or how much supply do we need for above  setup?

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