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HTPC Raid Issues


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I am having issues with my RocketRaid 2720 array in my HTPC. It has 4 3TB disks in raid 5 and I am starting to see after a reboot it goes into the RocketRaid BIOS settings showing it is critical. But once I am in there I don't see anything I can do to repair it. I also looked within the RR browser management for a way to repair and I don't see anything there either.



So I end up cancelling out of the BIOS and the computer goes to the point in the photo below for about 10 minutes and then the machine starts and works fine.



Anyone have any ideas?

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Well I have some info but it looks like the disk with errors may not be showing up.


This is the home page.



Next is the physical view.



Now we have two logical views.




Last picture is the events.


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I just popped open the case and verified I have five 3TB drives in it. One isn't showing up. Does that mean it is dead and I just need to replace it?

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Since my images were different than pcdoc's I decided to shut down the HTPC and remove and reconnect the power and the cables to the 2720 to every drive. This seems to have corrected the problem.


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