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Preparing Microserver Gen 8 for hot Summer days


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Hi Guys, 


As I said in my last post I'm monitoring the temperatures of my Gen 8 MS, especially the chipset, not necesary the cpu (I have a 1610T). 


Because my server have to be quiet I've set it to the lowest fan speed in bios ( 6% in ILO reading). 

But at this speed the chipset and other chips are hotter but still ok,  for exampe the chipset is in idle at 61-63C threshold being at 105C)


But in the summer my office temp will be 28-29C so I have to do something to cool the server without adding any noise, or maybe just a few db. ( the middle fan speed option from Bios is too noisy 40% fan speed)


So I'm thinking to change the heat-sink of the chipset and adding heat-sinks to other chips ( with thermal adhesive tape)

Or adding an usb fan in front of the server ( if it is quiet enough). 


My questions are:


1. What do you think about the idea of changing the heat sink with a larger one ? Do you know about some similar projects like this ? Can it make any significant difference ? Did some of you remove the factory chipset heatsink ? 


2. How safe is Adding heat-sinks to other chips with thermal adhesive (3M double sided thermal scotch) ? I mean, if something goes wrong can I remove them without damaging the MB ? 


Any other suggestions you have for cooling the MS gen8, please let me know. I know is it not easy to be quiet but cool in the same time but I hope to find a solution. 


Any help is very very appreciated. 








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Heat-sink fans and component fans are great for dealing with hot spots like a high wattage processor or chip-sets. But we also have to consider the ambient temperature in the room. Heat sinks draw heat from a component and the fan moves air to cool the heat-sink. If the heat in the room is already high, moving more hot air through the box is not very effective. I don't have a good answer, but I'm finding more and more it may be necessary to get cool air into the box more effectively. Is your office air-conditioned? in the past I have taken a section of flexible four-inch vent tubing to direct air directly from an air-conditioning vent directly to the server. Directing the cold air in this fashion creates much more efficient cooling.

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You are right, moving around hot air in hot environment cannot be very efficient but I was just hoping that I can improve a little bit. 

My desk is in my parents penthouse, which  is quite large and the AC is too small to be effective and is on the opposite part of the room. Also is not very energy efficient so I'm not using it all the time. 


Hmm, tough job


Thank you once again,  




p.s. If you get any other idea please let me know.

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Although moving warmer air around is not as efficient as moving cooler air, the way to compensate for that is to move a greater volume of air. The trick is to move all that air without making a lot of noise. As you've stated, speeding up the fan to move more air tends increase the noise too much.
Another way to move more air, instead of increasing the fan speed, is to use more fans.


When I have an area that needs extra cooling I add a simple USB powered fan. It's not perfect, but I find it often makes a very significant difference. Here are a couple of the ones I use often:



They are both USB powered. The first one even oscillates.

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Yes, the last model seems to be a good option. If I cannot find it I'm thinking to use a a pc fan powered by the internal molex .

I opened the door of the server and the temps got 2 degrees lower so with a quiet fan with low RPM should improve the temps with at least 5-8 degrees, i hope.


Thank you guys I'll let you know how is going.




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   I think Teo raised a very important issue and it was in vain at the end of the Forum. Soon there will be a new test all structures and improvements we have made in our servers.
   I am interested in how the presence of the fan on the processor affects the logic of the main fan, no tangles the entire system cooled processor?

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