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Need advice installing & moving data from V1 to 2011 with StableBit.


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WHS2011 would like to think so....


But if you create any shares at all, the Dashboard will want to manage them too. This is frustrating for WSUS or WDS, as it can cause issues.

Also, WHS2011 doesn't like it if you don't have the default "Music", "Videos", "Pictures", and "Public" folders. And will want you to recreate the folders. But you can ignore that without any issues.

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  1. You can log in locally too. We just assume a "headless" or WHS based server for that. Remote Desktop allows you to connect to the system much like you would if you just logged in locally. 

    Both allow you to access the desktop normally (which is what we want).

  2. When you move the WHSv1 disks to a new system (or new install), Windows should automatically asign them drive letters. If not, you can use disk management to do that (diskmgmt.msc). 

    And the "shares" folder, you don't want to mess with that. There are no actual files there. Everything is in those hidden "DE" folders, in the "Shares" folder there). 

    DrivePool doesn't need drive letters at all, but "you" do, to access the files to move them over.

  3. Nope, you can absolutely change them.
  4. Other than what you rename, the end result is an IDENTICAL folder layout to what you had on v1. 

    And everything in the "PoolPart" folders are displayed in the pool, exactly how those folders are laid out.



OK, I've got it - mostly. I am a little fuzzy on a couple of points though:

  1. OK, V1 doesn't use Drive letters ... Drive Pool doesn't use Drive letters ...  but I am going to be moving files around on individual drives that were part of a "pool" that I or V2011 has just assigned drive letters to??? A complete file structure, for example a DVD file structure could have been on as many as 4 different drives with duplication. How does it all get put back together? Does Drive pool go in and read all the files individually and re-create its own file tables after I move everything into a folder it recognizes? 
  2. What do I do with the remaining files that were on the system drive? Do I delete the system partition on that drive and move it into the new pool just like the other data drives? The instructions do not seem to deal with this, unless I missed something.
  3. If I initially create the new primary shares with identical names as the V1 primary shares, can I change the names later on?

That's it ... for now at least. Thanks for being so patient with me, Christopher!


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  1. DrivePool will use whatever it has access to, basically. By default, Windows will automatically assign "new" disks a letter. You can change this later, and DrivePool doesn't have an issue with this.

    As for the file and stuff, we don't have an actual file system. The driver passes on all IO to the constituant disks. That includes "list" operations. So, when you query the folder list, it looks to each disk and merges them and lists that for you. Also, since NTFS automatically caches certain operations to memory (or so I'm told), this doesn't ping the disks every time you list the operations.... depending on the system.

  2. Same thing as the rest of the drives in the pool. Grab the contents of the "DE" folder. Delete the "D:\Shares" and "D:\Folders" directories from the disk. And yes, delete the system disk.

    However.... I'd say move the contents of the DE folder on the system disk to another drive, and then repartition the drive. This may be simpler in the long run.

  3. I'm not entirely sure what you mean here...

    But if you mean you want to rename the shares later on... then yes, basically. But it's not straight forward on WHS2011. For any of the shares that aren't built in.... you can just stop sharing the folder via the dashboard, rename it in explore (either remote desktop into the server, or use AWIECO Remote Launcher or Advanced Admin Console), and then create a new share. 



If it's not, please feel free to ask away. And you are very welcome. 

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