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Need advice installing & moving data from V1 to 2011 with StableBit.


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Now that StableBit Drive Pool & Scanner for WHS 2011 are out of Beta AND have proven themselves in the field to be reliable, I am finally planning to discontinue my 20TB WHS v1 and move all data to a new WHS 2011 with DP/Scanner. I have enough parts to build out the new 2011 box with 3 x 2TB HDDs to start, without using anything from the v1 box. I know it is possible (with some special tweaks) to just hook up the v1 HDD’s to the new 2011 box, but I have decided to move all the data manually because I want to do some housecleaning in the process. Being a data hoarder, I am certain I can find at least 2TB of space that was being wasted before. I have 4 specific questions that I was hoping to get some advice on from the experts here on this fine Forum:

  1. Premise: My router is 10/100, but my switches are 1GB. When I hook up any 2 PCs to the switches, I can transfer data between them at GB speeds.
    Question: Along that line, if I were to dedicate a separate GB Switch just for the two v1 & 2011 Servers, would the dedicated Switch handle the transfer loads between them without dragging down the rest of the network in the process? 
  2. If the answer to #1 is NO, then would it be possible to setup a crossover cable, peer-to-peer secondary network between the two Servers just to handle the data transfer? Both Motherboards have dual Network RJ-45 ports. Would I be able to see the Shares on this secondary network? If it is possible, exactly how would I go about doing this?
  3. Install of 2011: When I install WHS 2011 on the new box, should I have the 3 x 2TB HDDs already hooked up at the time of the 2011 install? And how does the install of StableBit DP & Scanner fit into the 2011 overall install procedure?
  4. Finally: When I start the 2011 Install, since I am not going to run a RAID on the Motherboard, should I set the BIOS SATA mode to AHCI? Is this desirable or will it be a problem? Also, does WHS 2011 install have the drivers for this internally or will I need a separate driver disk?

BTW: I did try searching for almost an hour before posting here. I found some relevant posts, but none that could answer my specific questions.


Thanks guys for whatever help you can provide!



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1. No. A separate switch is not likely to make much difference. Since it is a switch (not a hub) each cable's traffic is isolated to itself and the cable of the destination computer. In effect, with switches, traffic from 1 computer to another has its own dedicated lane on the highway, and traffic from other computers is not allowed in that lane. The thing that could affect performance is if the backplane of the switch, the so-called 'switching fabric', cannot handle the load from the file transfers AND traffic from other computers.

Bottom line: traffic from the file copy should not drag down the rest of your network, because the rest of the network shouldn't even be aware of that traffic.


2. This should work, but should not be necessary. Seems like a lot of work for little to no gain to me. if you really want to pursue this we can give more details but, like I said, I wouldn't bother.


3. I always install with only the OS drive installed. I install all the other drives after the OS has been installed.


4. Yes, I would set the BIOS to AHCI, because it has better performance than IDE mode.

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Ikon got this pretty good. :)


But as for StableBit .... always after.

But here is a guide to migrate from WHSv1 to StableBit DrivePool




The first was written by me, prior to being hired on. The second is written by the developer (Alex).



And yes, ALWAYS AHCI if you have the option.  Not just better support, but I believe that you need it to get TRIM support on SSD. And hot swapping.

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EXCELLENT replies, Gentlemen! I appreciate the direct answers very much. You answered most of my questions very nicely, Ikon and thank you very much for those links, Drashna! 


The only thing you didn't answer is if the AHCI drivers will be on the 2011 install disk or not. Does anyone know that? This is not a biggie; I can always make myself a CD just in case.


Thanks again! WOW, I just love this Forum! This Podcast and the BYOB are the only ones I am always caught up with and anxiously awaiting the next episode! Keep up the great work guys!



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Forgot a couple of points:

ikon: I'm ditching the crossover cable idea, per your advice.


Drashna: I don't know if I am up to doing that "just move the drives over" method. It sounds risky to me. If I make a mistake somewhere, I could lose a lot of data (right? - comments?). Plus I wouldn't have the (forced) opportunity to clean everything up along the way. The copy method takes forever, I know, but at least it is 100% data safe. I have done this once before when I built a second WHS v1, but at that time it was only about 8TB. Re AHCI, I am going to use it, but I am planning on using a WD Velociraptor spinning HDD for my system drive, not a SSD. They are fast I know, but still too many tradeoffs. I am a very conservative person.  :)


Thanks again,


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(sorry for the delay), Since you're moving data around on the drive itself, and not actually deleting the files, there isn't any risk.


I've done the above several times. And I've done it for customers as well. Basically, all you're doing is moving the files into a different folder. And then DrivePool uses the PoolPart folders for the Pool (that's actually how it works)

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Thanks for that simplified description. There is a fellow named Christopher on Alex's site that answers most support questions. He has tried to explain it to me several times, but the light just never came on until now. He has actually offered to log onto my box and do this for me, but if I am going to do it this way, I would really rather learn it and do it myself, IYKWIM.


However, now that I understand it better, it does brings up a few questions in my mind:

  1. I assume then, that when you do it this way, you have to move either ALL the drives as a whole to the 2011 box or none, is that correct? 
  2. This is the big one: What about the data that resides on the SYSTEM drive? How do I make sure THAT data gets moved over? I have a 500GB System Drive that is about 29% full right now. Since the System partition is a known 20GB, that leaves about 125GB of data on that drive. 

Thanks Deashna,


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Yeah, if you're not sure of how ... well both technologies work, I can definitely understand it not clicking. However.... I like to tinker and figure out how things work. I have 200-300 installs for WHSv1. I WISH I was joking. And that's not counting virtual machines for experimentation or for development (XFiles Edition). So I'm intimiately familiar with how Drive Extender works. I'm also very familiar with how DrivePool works (first thing I did when I installed it was dig into that, and see how it stored the files)


And you should check my signature. ;)


As for the remote program... we use "Join.me" which allows you to see everything I'm doing. It's why I like using it for customers. Not only can you be sure nothing "shady" is going on, if you like to learn stuff, it lets you see exactly what is going on. :)


  1. Yes. Or at least all drives that were in the Pool... but for WHSv1, that's usually all of the drives.
  2. The system drive stores data in the same way. The real data is in "D:\DE". And you treat that like any other disk in the pool.
    There was a hack to force migration of the data off of the system disk (basically create a bunch of files to fill it up, and wait... and fill some more, till only the junk files were on the drive).
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Hi Drashna,
I didn’t realize until you said 'check your signature', that Christopher and Drashna were one and the same. Sorry. I know it’s been a while since this thread saw any action, but I’m not trying to resurrect it necessarily, and I didn’t just disappear deliberately. Right after your last post, I got hit with a deadly cellulitis staph infection that wound up putting me in the hospital. It’s been a very long, drawn out event, and they weren’t sure if I was going to make it. But fortunately, the worst is now over and I can get back to my projects.


I have decided to go forward with the shortcut method of just hooking up the drives to the new v2011 installation. However, before I do that, I would like to install the 2011 OS and the StableBit add-ons, along with a couple of extra Storage HDD’s I have and just sort of play around with v2011 to become familiar with it. I also want to make sure my new MB, Controllers etc are all working properly and the drivers all installed correctly. If I do this, can I just “empty and remove” any pool drives I have been playing around with prior to the transfer and the re‑attachment of my v1 HDD’s? OR, can I just “ADD” my old v1 HDD’s to the new system pool without necessarily detaching the drives I was experimenting with? Basically, I just want to make sure everything is functioning as it should BEFORE I commit my old pool to the new system.


Thanks so much, I appreciate all your help!


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