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Interim CPU Upgrade Choice


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I love Texas. Regrettably my wife does not share the same passion.


Smart woman you have there.






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PIcked up an i7-860 for $112, average sale price is $125 on E-Bay. Man, these old processors hold their values like Hondas. 

This should help keep the box alive for a little while longer. Need to keep the cash as we may move across town or across

the country, not sure yet.


I've found that the top tier of any range of processors seems to hold their value very well, the next one down is usually much less.  I guess the thinking is that people who want to upgrade an old system say "whats the fastest I can put in XXX motherboard?" and then go out and look for that on ebay.


I just upgraded my Core2Duo windows server and looked up the fastest chip I could put in was the E8600.  E8600s are going for $40-50 on ebay.  Picked up an E8500 for 20.

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Yeah. I looked for something compatible with my board as a segway to a new server one day. 

But with the i7, SSD and 8GB of RAM it's doing just fine.

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