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Help I'm stuck in MBR hell


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Hi guys


My very first post here,


I have got a gen8 microserver with an i3 core and 16gb ram.  Storage is via a P222 512mb pci-e card.  I have the sata optical drive in the top bay which came with the server and nothing plugged into the B120 internal Smart array.  The 4 drive cage has 4 3tb WD reds which are plugged into the p222 card via the internal SAS.


My problem is that I created a RAID 5 array with all 4 drives and have 1 logical drive of 8.1TB


When I go into Windows 2012 R2 I give it the raid driver and when I get to the partition stage I see 1 2tb partition and 1 6.3 tb partition.  I can do stuff with the 2 tb but not the 6.3 one.  I am guessing this is because it is not GPT?


if I create a partition from the 2tb one I can install windows fine but I cant then do anything with the 6.3tb due to the drive being MBR and I cant convert it to GPT as the OS is on the same drive array.


I was hoping to create 2 virtual disks in the array like you can with dell machines but I cant see any option.   the only other thing is to use the optical dvd rom sata for an SSD for the os but I rather not lose my optical drive.


Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can do this, preferably with my current equipment

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Are you trying to install onto this disk?

If so, that's the issue I'm pretty sure thta the microserver is still BIOS and not UEFI, which means that the boot disk MUST be MBR. Which means 2TBs per partition.

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Hi Drashna


I thought the same, so I created 1 Array but 2 Logical drives, 1 tb and one 7tb. I made sure the P222 is the boot controller and the 1tb logical drive is the boot drive

However now windows can see both drives but says it can not install on the 1tb logical drive as it is not the boot drive.


As a test 1 took all the drives out except 1 3tb drive and created a RAID 0 Array on it with 1 200gb logical drive and made that the boot drive.

when I install windows it still cant install on it because it says the drive is not the boot drive.  this is going from bad to worse...

I found a WD Enterprise 1tb, setup a RAID 0 array on it with a 200gb logical drive and 1 700gb drive, made the 200gb the boot drive.  Windows saw both and could install on the boot drive.

I let windows install and all was fine.  I then turned the server off, put one of the 3tb drives in alongside the WD Enterprise drive, created a raid 0 array on it with one logical drive for the entire space to use as storage.  However when I rebooted the server it could no longer see the boot drive on the WD Enterprise drive?  if I took the WD RED out it found the boot drive and went into windows


Could it be that the HP P222 is incompatible with the Western Digital RED NASWare 2.0 firmware?  However I found a WD Green 2tb today, with that in as a second drive with the WD Enterprise, again it failed to boot


what am I doing some wrong here?  Could it be the HP P222 Card at fault? or Windows server 2012 R2 storage driver issue?


I am so confused. lol

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I did yes :)


I am wondering if it might be due to the HP controller driver being a 2008 R2 driver and not a windows server 2012 one.

I read in the Windows 2012 Service support pack from HP that they are working on a newer driver, I guess they will issue this with the new Intelligent Provisioning update to allow you to install Windows Server 2012 through the iLO Interface.


Has anyone else installed Windows Server 2012 R2 on a RAID 5 using the internal disk cage?

If so how did you setup the RAID 5?  One big Array with small Logical Drives or a 3 drive RAID 5 with a single RAID 0 for the OS on the 4th drive?



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Is there an "interupt 19" option in the BIOS? If so, then enable that. IIRC, that's used in the process of booting from add-on cards.

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