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Replacement for x510?


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Why replace it?

Is it not doing something you need done? I plan on running WHS v1 on my x-510's for a long time. All home clients just got up to win7, no win8 yet.

I have 4 x-510's now, two online and two in the boxes for parts.

I tried whs2011 and have two copies of it (just in case) and I have built a DIY with Win2012E on it for down the road.

But, unless you are lacking something, clean the x-510 at least twice a year, keep some spare drives on the shelf, I have a couple of spare power supplies on the shelf as well and keep it running. Try to pickup a spare server on ebay.


I use (2) 4tb red GPT formatted non-pooled drives for server shares backups and will not use the cloud.


If it's working, why change? At least for the next 5-10 years. Then we'll see what happens with windows 9.

Good luck

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You can run both the WHS2011 Server and WHSv1 on the same network and also backup all the PC's to both servers if you like during your transition. But you will have to 1st uninstall KB981089 from your WHSv1 server, which will trigger a reinstall of the previous connector on all PC's. Which you will have to uninstall from all the PC's before you install the WHS2011 connector because WHS2011 will check and complain if it see's WHSv1 connector. Once the WHS2011 connector is installed, then you can install the WHSv1 connector. Also remote into the WHSv1 server and run Windows Updates but cancel the KB981089 update because it will come back and try to install, which will complain now about the WHS2011 connector.


Cloudberry Labs has a WHSv1 & WHS2011 addin for Amazon S3. Maybe there is a trial period. It might be a good opportunity to see if you can restore your online files to the WHS2011 box.

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Thanks diehard. I'm slowly getting there, I'm struggling a bit to figure what is the best option to ensure I have redundancy and backup. It makes me realise that WHS V1 drive extender was a great bit of kit. I have the OS on a 250gb SSD and I have 3x 2TB Red's installed. I tried using Stablebit drivepool and also raid 5 and of course either way the WHS2011 will not back them up. I'm debating if I should get another 2tb Red and then make up to raid 5 2tb pools this would give me 4tb data space. On my V1 i didn't have all the folders duplicated but I did back them up once a month manually to an external drive so as not to use too much of the server storage. My ideal situation is that I can have folder duplication and the WHS2011 would run backups of all mydata automatically. I would then also use Amazon S3 (Cloudberry) and crashplan as off site backups. The only way I see me be able to do that is that I keep either the pool or raid to 2tb or less. Will I be able to use the 4TB ext USB drive I have as a sever backup or will I need to split t into two drives then in effect 2 backup sceduales to avoid running out of space.


Sorry its a bit of a ramble but I'm slowly learning the limitations and options for WHS2011.


Any thoughts?

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Your right, WHSv1 is a great bit of kit.


That's why I still have a EX470 ( upgraded CPU) still running as my main production box. I have 4 2TB drives in the box which give me enough storage space. I don't use Folder Duplication as that only protects me from a single drive going bad, not from accidentally deleting data. I prefer using an external esata 4 disk Sans Digital to backup the Shared Folders. You can have 3TB or 4TB drives as backup drives. And decide which Shares go on which drives. I also backup the PC backups using BDBB


With a bit of hacking, I have even replaced the pooled drives (3) with 3TB drives. But that requires some skill.


Since my OS is heavily modified, I use Acronis Server Edition to backup the OS. I can restore the OS in 10 minutes.

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