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Hard drive recommendation WHS2011


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Hi Community, need to pick your brain.

Seems one of my data disks is slowly dying on me. It started with backup service errors and seems there is at least one file corrupt (the client backup folder is on that disk as well).

Have started a check disk which is running slow and will try with spinrite afterwards.


Anyway, as I was looking for some new hard disk (maybewith more capacity), I like to have some recommendation.

The disks I'm currently using are Samsung HD204UI (2TB) and I'm generally happy with those.

In the past I used Hitachi 2TB disks, but had some issues with the sleep mode, they dint wake up fast enough and WHS did not recognize them in time, giving me some trouble.


What Im looking for

HD >= 2TB (I assume WHS will support those ?

Disk should consume as less energy as possible, while still performing ok (don't need a Raptor, its only data).  (I know that's difficult :-) as the box runs 24/7

Disk should easily come back from the sleep mode

The disk will replace a data disk, movies are on other HDDs, so no preference on streaming

What about a 2.5 Inch 2TB, anybody experience with them in a server ?


So what is the geeks recommendation ?


Thanks in advance


P.S: The WHS is running on ESXI, The OS image is on the datastore (RAID 10) and WHS itself is using 4 2TB disks in pass through mode, so can see them directly connected.

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WD Red would be my choice. Not sure how fast they wake up.

2TB 2.5" drives are expensive, slow and I dont think they save much power.

The Samsung HD204UI is a very good drive, but Seagate has been co-labeling those drives with a cheaper Seagate model.

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Was looking at the RED as well, but since I'm not using them in a RAID, I would imagine that the TLER feature would be contra productive...

Anybody using the REDs in a non raid within WHS 2011 and sending them to sleep ?

By the way, do you new the exact Seagate part number for the relabeled 204 UI ?

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I agree with WD Red. I don't think the TLER is really a negative. Like schoondoggy, I'm not sure about waking them up as I never put my drives to sleep.

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If you dont want to go crazy on an enterpise class drive, go the WD Reds. They spin up fine too. No perseptible difference to the black series as far as I can tell.

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Ok,sounds like I will go for a RED soon, luckily the current disk isnt damaged, but the backups did get somewhat corrupted. The repair wizard managed to get my problem fixed.

Is that happening to others as well that backups getting damaged ?

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