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Lian Li EX-503B


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OK, just to be certain, did you press the button at the back of the EX-503 when you tested it with new drives? It's just to the right of the DIP switches. You have to press & hold it around 15 seconds (you will hear a very quick soft 'chirp' from the unit when it's been long enough).


The procedure is to shut the EX-503 down, press the button in and hold it, then power the unit up. When you hear the chirp you can let go of the button. This is the only way the EX-503 will initialize new drives: e.g. to make a new array.


Also, if you've got the EX-503 connected via USB3, try doing the procedure using USB2, just to be sure the USB3 driver isn't causing any issues.

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