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Netgear Wireless Router - AC1750 DD-WRT Open Source support with Dual Band Gigabit WiFi $99.99


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For anyone familair with DD-WRT, there is a modder with the handle Kong who makes a fantastic DD-WRT load for routers, and his two routers he tests them on personally are the Netgear 6300 and 7000. I'm running his latest build on my 7000 and it is great. OpenVPN server and client, all kinds of QoS changes/improvements, 3G/4G tethering, VLAN creation, PRIVOXY use built-in (if desired), WAN and LAN monitoring, etc.


You can do a search for his posts on teh DD-WRT site, but here is a direct link to a mirror for his 6300 stuff: http://www.myopenrouter.com/download/52688/DD-WRT-K3-for-NETGEAR-R6300v2-WiFi-Router-Kong-build/


He has a (personal) German site that is blocked by my wonderful military friends (since ze Germans are clearly terroist hacktivists) as well.

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