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p222 drive compatibility list

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While I have been bitten by some bad Seagate drives, the real reason I use WD Reds is because should I need to RMA one, I have found WD to have an easier RMA process, though it's possible that has changed.


From what I hear, Hitachi has the best, but the Reds are priced well, and performance with the P222 has been more than acceptable.



Thanks for sharing your experience on the Seagate situation  :)


Once I've been running the HGST NAS for a few weeks I'll add them to this page if I find no problems.


They'll be used in a fairly gruelling environment, as I deploy microservers for video edit storage.


For me the P222 is a compelling reason to use the microserver - I agree the performance is usually very good.


I've tried other things, notable Supermicro/Ablecom systems that use a similar midi form factor. Also, the extra noise for cooling is not so much an issue in my case, which is a luxury I admit - but I guess when its not being used in a home context its a little easier to accept. Most of all I like the chassis integration. Its so easy to explain to somebody else how the health LED works, this counts for so much in my use case.

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