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I've used PoE injectors in the past, but they were always singles. They work well, even though they add a little complication to the configuration. Like I said, it certainly simplifies choosing Ethernet switches.

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I just pick the cheapest. Been using Aliexpress for a long time. Aliexpress do not pay the seller until you have received the goods in working order. The only time I was not satisfied they returned my money immediately.

Do you pay any attention to how many total ratings a seller has or go strictly off lowest price? Right now a seller in China has them for $74.00 ea. which is the lowest price plus shipping. Seems the all list as Free Shipping but still charge to ship to the USA. Was about to order 4 DS-2CD2032-I units for outdoor use but wanted to check first.

Also, by outdoor are they waterproof? In other words, they can take heavy rain? Was planning to instal 2 in front of home and 2 in rear of home.

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May I piggy-back on this thread?


I have a small, but popular birdbath which is a constant joy for me and I like to share, i.e. live stream to my hobby website.


The birdbath is within arm’s length from a window so that I can do maintenance work from the open window without stepping outside, which is convenient for cold Canada. The birdbath is heated in winter so that birds have unfrozen water to drink and do not have to eat snow. There is a small water pump to generate the gentle sound of moving water, etc. etc. all designed to attract (garden) birds. I sit about 2 arm’s lengths behind the window in my home office  :wub: 


I need to capture about 1 cubic foot of spatial volume, so 320 x 240 may be adequate resolution. I do not need pan & tilt, but I need a little bit of (static) zoom to get the view just right. I want color although there isn’t really a requirement on accuracy of color rendition, just don’t make a goldfinch look purple :)  I do not need night vision. As to frame rate, the upstream bit rate should be capped to about 0.5 Mbps so as to not interfere with what else is going in the house-to-internet path. Moreover, I like the video processing with motion detection to be capable of lowering the bit rate if there are no birds, but still show ripples moving on the water surface so that the video does not look dead. I may do some recordings, but won’t do any substantial recordings. The window has an openable window pane on one side and a fixed window pane on the other side, the indoor camera will be mounted right behind the fixed window pane on a camera mount (with pan & tilt) and the camera mount will in turn be mounted on an in-window-frame construct intended for house plants.


Given the above, any recommendations on a system/system components that I should consider?

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