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WHS V1 System Space used exceeding 2 TB. WHY?


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I have a norco box with 18 drives attached, ranging from 1tb to 3tb (My 3 TB drives only have 2 tb accessible)  My total storage is 31.84TB.  I have duplication turned on for all my shares, and I'm using about 14TB of storage (and 14tb for duplication).  My system drive is a 500gb drive.


I had a problem a few weeks ago and one of my drives failed.  No problem, WHS saved the day.  I was able to remove the drive through the counsel and everything resolved itself.


Afterwards, I noticed that the pie graph on the Server Storage tab listed the System category at 2.2 TB (6% of my pool).


I thought this was something left over from the drive removal and rebuild, and that it would clear itself out afer a week or so, but it's been several weeks and it's still there.  Another problem is that I'm starting to get warnings about running out of drive space when I copy stuff to my server.  I currently have listed about 696gb free, but with DE not using the last 15-30gb of a drive (times 18 drives), it means I'm pretty much full.


My question is what is this System storage?  Why is it so large?  How can I free up that space?

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Umm.... well.... I used to know this. 


Mainly, it's an issue with the calculation, I believe.



Sorry, I had to bing and find an old post of mine....

Basically, I think that the issue is "orphaned files" caused by the failed hard drive.

Check "D:\folders\" and the folders in it. One of them has bunch of files (that are not ".dat" files nor .reg files). Either delete these files, or move them into the correct locations in D:\Shares.


Thread for reference:


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I checked my server.  Logged in using remote desktop.  Went to MyComputer.  


On my D: Drive, I have a folder caled "folders"  Inside that folder is several folders named with random numbers.  The "folders" folder only has 676gb in it.  Granted, that's a big chunk of my 2.2 tb system allocation.  It could be an even bigger part if it's being duplicated (1.35tb) so that would be an improvement.


The space used inside those subfolders of the "folder" folder, are minly DAT files.  Of those DAT files, I see a bunch of Data.4096.xxx.dat that seem to be taking up the majority of the space.  There's also some that relate to my client PC, and use their computer names as the prefix, (prefix.BackupSet.dat.  prefix.C.Boot.dat, prefix.C.FileRecordHash.4096.dat, prefix.C.Volume.dat, prefix.C.VolumeCluster.4096.dat)


There is not any "normal" files that I can move to the proper shares.  So should I delete the DAT files?  All of them, or just the Data.xxx Dat files?




Also, on my D: Drive, I found another "folders" folder, under the hidden folder "DE", which has similar DAT files, but it's not taking up as much space (only 87 gb)


Thanks for your help.





Thanks for the link.  I'll look into it and see if it will work to me.  I'm getting close to upgrading everything from WHS v1 to a Synology box, but that will be a few months out (have to save the money after spending it all for the holidays.)

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Let me guess, the folder starts with {000000.  The reason I know that, is because this folder is the Client Backup Database. IT is measured as part of the Pooled location. And should be measured as such.


Well, at least don't mess with the folder that starts with the bunch of 0's. The other one may be "usable" but it depends....

Could you browse it with a command prompt? (tab to autocomplete folder names, if needed), and run "dir > for-drashna.txt" (or whatever name you like) and upload the text file?




And yes, the GPT hack for Drive Extender works.... but..... yeah.... you'd be better off moving the WHS2011 IMO, than doing that.

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You're right, the folders start with leading zeros.


I've included a text file with the contents of my D:\folders directory and my D:\de\folders directory.



From looking at my pie chart, I have 679 gb listed as the PC Backups, which is about the size of the files in this directory.  


So since the PC backups are accounted for in the PC Backups section of the pie chart, what is in the System slice, still being at 2.2 TB?


Thanks again for your help



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