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WS2012E in Virtualbox 4.3.6


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Actually, I've recently reinstall the server, so it wouldn't matter.


And no, no cals needed. And as far as I understood it, 2008R2 was the same way.... rather, it may bitch at you, but it didn't stop you from doing it.

dism /online /set-edition:ServerStandard /accepteula /productkey:Product Key


That's all you ahve to do. It then runs through a bunch of stuff and reboots, and installs features, etc. But that's it.



However, you're supposed to have CALs at this point. But you gain a few things, like HyperV, and the proper licensing to use it (R2 can use it OOBE, but there are some special licencing things that I'm blatantly violating right now)

Yup that's the command I used and it worked just fine. I did run into a few issues I posted in a separate thread. I could have solved them but chose not to. Long story short I ended up reverting to Essentials with my latest server backup. I can do without Hyper-V.

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