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Intel 7260.HMWG Network Card - Peoples Experiences

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I have been looking at a Intel 7260.HMWG Network Card as an upgrade to the current 6300 N card in HP Elitebook 8440p, 8460p, and HP Probook 4525s laptop PC's.  I can get the cards for US$27 each but have read that there are compatibility issues.   These are the problems that I know of.   Does anyone have real life experience regarding overcoming these problems?


1. HP BIOS is specific to a type of wireless network card.   It requires a "de-whitelisted" BIOS for the 7260 AC card to be recognized.   Without that, the card is either not recognized or, recognized as an N card so the speed is limited to 300Mbps.

2. Intel Drivers may, or may not work.  Also, the Intel driver download is an executable file which may or, may not, contain the actual driver.  So posts I have read say the Intel Pro download from as late as October 2013 did not work.

3. If the laptop did not have antenna for both wireless bands (HP Probook 4525s only came with a single 2.4GHz band antenna) the other band will not work.   While it is a fairly simple matter to get a 5GHz band antenna, it is more difficult to "string it" up behind the LCD screen. 


I have also read that support for "older" laptops to use this Intel 7260.HMWG card has really not happened.  The thought was that mfg's are trying to push people to buy new PC's which use this new ac card rather than retrofit their older PC's.  Anyone know about this?


There have also been reports that the bluetooth capability of many laptops iss disabled when the 7260 card is installed.   This could be from bad drivers or an actual lack of bluetooth capability on the card.   If anyone has other info on that, it would be good to know.


Finally, Be aware that there are different versions of the 7260 card available.   Only the 7260.HMWG is the most current and bluetooth capable card. 


I'd appreciate any real world experiences of people who have actually purchased and installed these cards in their laptops (preferably HP laptops).

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I never did get any good responses on the forums I went to (Intel, HP, Toms Hardware, etc.).   There does not seem to be any impetus on the part of Intel or any of the Laptop/Notebook mfg. to get that card to work with Legacy products.   I did read where some people were able to get Lenovo laptops to work with this card using a hacked BIOS.   That was it.

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I have a Probook 4525s with a Intel 7260HMWG.  The only way I can get it to work is by hot-swapping with the OE 'N' card

Power on the machine with the OE 'N' card in it

After post and when prompted for my password I then remove the OE 'N' card

Then I Install the 7260HMWG card (by hot swapping)

then enter my my protect tools password to boot into windows.

In order to do this I have to leave my keyboard and speaker grille loose (ie screws removed) for access to the Mpci-e slot, and also the bluetooth works great.

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