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You do know that owning a Mustang is considered a disease is some places. :D



(Camaro owner)



Camaro owner, sign of solid character.



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How long did it take to figure that one out?

About a week or two of tearing my network apart repeatedly. And the worst part is it's not just one camera that does it, it's the fact that there are multiple ones.  Each one adds a certian amount of "interference" (again, despite being wired, and wireless not configured/enabled). After 3 are on the network, then it causes enough issue to prevent clients from connecting to the wireless.  It was a bitch to isolate the issue. Fortunately, I picked up a couple of those cheap trendnet cameras while they were $35 a peice, and have been phasing out the linksys crap.

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There is a chance I may be OCD.  


And by chance, have you seen my meticulously organized pool? :)



But yes, I was just about ready to pull up everything and buy ALL new network hardware just to fix the issue.

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