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Link Aggregation/Trunking - Managed Switch Choice

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From what I saw on their website, it appears CenturyLink is an 'ISP aggregator'. IOW, they represent a bunch of local ISPs. If that's the case, I wonder if you're actually talking to your local ISP instead of CenturyLink 'central' as it were.


Good luck with the ID and Password: I'm not sure how willing they will be to accommodate you, but it's worth a shot. I've never actually tried to do that myself.

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I think I was last able to get my username and password via the automated phone system.  Otherwise I think when I was talking to a live person they may have checked it for me once, I don't remember.


Virtual Circuit is a DSL term, comes from the ATM system that DSL uses.  There are two numbers (VCI and VPI) in the configuration page, but I can't remember what they are supposed to be without looking at that page again (unable to when I'm at work).  It is NOT the same thing as a static IP.  Unless those numbers are correct, a modem will not connect properly.  When I had replaced my modem with the Netgear, I had some issues with it, but eventually got them to tell me that I had those numbers incorrect and the tech support person provided the correct numbers.  I have seen them online as well since then, and the numbers do vary depending on who your ISP is.  I think CenturyLink uses different numbers depending on who you had before they acquired them.


Just changing your modem from router to bridge mode should have no effect on the VCI/VPI settings, and those settings are only in the modem, the external router only needs to know to use PPPoE and the user id/password.

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