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Manage RAID from within Windows


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I have my Microserver Gen8 all setup and sitting in the closed together with all other wiring, modem, routers, etc.


I setup my microserver with SSD in the ODD bay for the OS, and 2x 3TB in RAID 1.


Now I realized I have a spare HD that I want to use to archive TV recordings from my media center.

I remotely shutdown the microserver, installed the HD and powered it up again, but the new HD doesn't show in Windows. I know I need to add that HD in the RAID but I am trying to avoid hooking up monitor and keyboard to the thing again just to access the BIOS.


Is there a way to manage the RAID from within Windows itself via some utility? Or the only way is only thru the BIOS?

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do you have iLo running?



I don't know... what is that? It looks like I need to learn something new here. Is there something short I can read about it?

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you can access the gen 8 from another system on the network by connecting to iLo 4 on the gen 8


users guide



many of us have bought advanced iLo license keys to get all the features. the advanced keys are $400, but you can find them on ebay for $40.


you could also load the windows software for the b120i and use rdp to get to the server.

there is a little tag tied to the back of the server that has the original password for iLo on it

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Thanks for the references to the iLo4 docs, I will be doing some reading on this later.


What is the "windows software for the b120i"? It is something that I can install in WHS 2011? I don't see it in the drivers & firmware page for microserver gen8. Does it go by another name or sits elsewhere?

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Is USB 3.0 drives for backup, slow storage LIkE Media or do you intend to run stuff from them?


I use an USB 2.0 wd mirrorbook as my last line secure data vault. I presume they are USB/esata .. Key point : it's very gentle on the dual drives which are mirrored and spin down when not used to reduce wear.





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