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Microserver Gen 8 Temperatures


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I think my temps are a little bit higher especially the chipset temps (61 C) the room temp is 21 C.


I'm obsessed with temps because my office is in a penthouse and in the summer is very hot even with AC on. 


My configuration is: 


4GB ram

1 @tb Red drive. 

Windows 8 


Nothing stressful on the server just a small minecraft server for me and my nephew. (30% cpu)


What do you think ? How about yours ? 


Thank you guys,




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What setting do you have your fans set to in BIOS?  Have you tried cranking it up a notch?


This is what I'm seeing this morning with Fans at 40%




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Hi joe, 


In advanced options --> thermal configuration I have optimal cooling. 

Is there any other setting for fans ? 


Comparing to your temps my chipset seems to be 10 degrees hotter.

Do you thing that I have Windows 8 can make a difference ? Maybe more active processes, etc


My fan is constantly at 6% so comparing to your 40% could be a logical explanation. By the way why do you your fan so high ? 


No b120i driver or you have different settings in bios?


Thanks Joe, 



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In BIOS setup (F9 during post) I went into Advanced Options and set the thermal configuration to the "middle" option -- I'm doing this from memory and have just drawn a blank -- but it was the middle fan option.  Hopefully someone will chime in who has a better memory. 


I didn't like the lowest setting because when I am stressing the system & CPU with Prime95 it seems to create a "heat island" that impacts the surrounding chips and when I backed off of the Stressing the fan would drop down too fast to dissipate the "heat island" effect and the surrounding chips stayed at higher temps for too long for my comfort.


I'll see if I can get some pictures of it tonight.

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what extra fan ? :)

so, if I'm not doing prime 95 test or any other heavy duty stuff can I let the low fan option I presume. 

I was thinkig if this temps are normal at 6% fan because I like to be as quiet as possible. 


I'll make a test with the middle fan that you suggested. 


Thanks again guys, 


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Yes I've read it. Great solution for xeon cpu's. I'm noticing that majority here are not using b120i raid controller so their case fan is at 35% at least. 

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